Amos & Josh – Uko Juu (music video)

Amos & Josh performing Uko Juu featuring Abel Chungu

Ngoma Process.

2017 was a crazy year for us musically and on a personal level…it was very dark in every aspect, financially, mentally, spiritually etc.. There was alot of pressure around us to change our course of music to fit with what was heavily on the airwaves at that time🤔.

We also had problems with our production deal to the point we didn’t go to studio for months, maybe like half the year. We would be at events and hear people talking smack about us, telling our management how we are waste of time to them etc😡… At the same time no shows were coming through and we were so broke to the point of missing meals and lacking rent and other basics😢.

We got the point of questioning whether we are really doing what we were meant to do hadi tukakosana sisi wenyewe and everyone wanted to go their own way… Maybe AJ would have been no more. But here we are family, still courageous.

All this made us, maturer, stronger and more focused on giving our contribution talent wise and as individuals to our society… #ukojuu was recorded early 2017 but it has never been more profound for us as now.

Keep going fam!! Stay true to who you are, and learn in the process the much you can learn because the future awaits your contribution and someone might just be needing to be inspired by what you’ve pulled through.

Watch full video here:

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