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Today lemme take you to Leigh on Sea in Essex which is located in southeast England, between London and the North Sea.
From this county hails two amazing brothers namely (Ben 15yrs) and (Toby Jordan 13yrs) aka ‘the Lads’


In 2005 the lads moved to France where they grew up for 5 yrs and that’s when they both started learning to play the classical guitar.

In 2010 they moved back to UK and continued doing music while there.Ben plays Bass, rhythm, acoustic, ukelele, classical guitar and piano.Toby on the other side is good with Vocals and plays classical guitar, piano and acoustic guitar

In 2014 they joined a Rock School where Ben started a band called it “The Salvoes” and Toby joined shortly after. Another two members joined but they left 6 months later.

‘BaVard’ meaning chatty in French was later created in 2015 with the ‘V’ representing the unity the have as brothers in music.They perform and write their songs together.
Their first songs ‘One Life’ & ‘Believe’ were written in 2015 then came their other jams.

· Our Days
· Thinking
· Starlight Love
· 50 Times – (A ROCK SONG)
· Try Hard
· Cutting In

· Make a Difference
· Young and Restless (written with Chris Bourne)
· Hometown – we have just finished and Written lyrics and music and working on piano and recording with YMCA Southend
· Nonsense

“We had an amazing opportunity to work with Holloway Road on ‘Those Days ’ and recorded and mixed our first EP ‘Noir’ at ‘The Banger Hanger’ with Rob Gulston which released on 28th Sept 2017 iTunes and Spotify and also ‘Young and Restless’ which was released in January 2018” – Ben says

bavard ep

‘Those Days’ and ‘Young and Restless’ videos are both directed by Rob Humm at Soundcastle Media are available on YouTube

Their influences have come from The Black Keys, Arcade Fire, Mumford and sons, Ed Sheeran, James Arthur, The Clash Jimi Hendrix and more. The local music scene in Southend has also played a huge role too, the likes of Holloway Road, Arcaves, Youth Club, Nothing But Thieves, Chris Bourne,The Trusted, Big Jacket, LJ Howard to name just a few.


Ben will be coming to Kenya this July to help provide water and build shelter/houses, desks and workbenches for schools, help vaccinate herds to prevent disease and assist in conservation work. He will be living/working with the local Maasai tribes and more.

The lads have now written a song ‘Make a Difference’ to help raise awareness and raise funds.

Written and performed by Benjamin Jordan and Toby Jordan for Camp Kenya Expedition 2018 about the reason behind going to Camp Kenya and helping to make a difference. They are Busking to raised funds for Camp Kenya too.

Make a difference is available on iTunes for downloads.

The truth is there is more than enough love, creative ideas, power, joy, happiness to go around 😘 😘

Shirleen Winters

The truth is there is more than enough love, creative ideas, power, joy, happiness to go around 😘 😘

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