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Celebrity stylist Eric Simiyu better known as One Wash remains the best and most sort after celebrity loctician and hair stylist in Kenya and across the region.

One wash is a natural hair stylist with a forte in dreadlocks. His expertise in the craft earned him the name he is popularly known by “one wash” a name he got from his college classmates.

After clearing secondary school in 2008, One wash’s interest on hairdressing grew alot that he let go of an opportunity to join one of the local universities to study theatre arts .

Instead he enrolled at Beauty Point College mid-2009 and it was there where One Wash realised his passion in hairdressing & gave up going to the University of which he says he doesn’t regret.

One Wash cleared Beauty Point College in 2010 having a network of about six clients after which he landed a full time job as a hairdresser through a friend who was impressed by his work in College.

After working his first gig for three years, Eric worked in two other different salons until he partnered with a friend and launched The African Royalty Salon , a natural hair salon based along Moi Avenue in Nairobi’s CBD.

The African Royalty Salon, Professionals in Natural hair care solutions,hairstyles and consultation attends to at least 10 clients on a daily basis with its earning at KSh 250,000 each month. The salon has 15 employees who are skilled in different areas with prices vary depending on the services being offered.

To promote his business , Eric has embraced the power of digital marketing and uses his platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where he has managed to gain a following of 88,000k. One Wash also believes in word of mouth as one of his strongest marketing tool.

His clients consists of celebrities from across East Africa, among them being Timmy Tdat, Owago, Ommy Dimpoz, Mr Seed, Alikiba, Antoneosoul, Bahati, Willy Paul, DK Kwenye Beat,Otile Brown & Zikki

“In this industry, branding is everything. When customers come to you, they want more than just the service and you have to ask yourself what added value you are giving. In my case, besides offering exceptional services to my clients, I help them network – artists to artists and also with key players in the entertainment industry. I also offer consultancy services. Through my art, I have a package that covers all aspects of grooming,” Eric told nation.co.ke

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