Chaguo La Moyo by Otile Brown featuring Sanaipei Tande Deleted From YouTube.

Singer Otile Brown is a very disappointed man after his hit song “Chaguo La Moyo” featuring Sanaipei Tande was deleted from his YouTube Channel.

The music video which had already hit the 1.4 million mark has been pulled down due to copyright issues.

This is what Otile had to say on his Instagram page stating that he knew who was behind it and action is being taken.

“So YouTube @youtube just removed #chaguolamoyo from my channel with over 1.4million views due to copyright claims, got me wondering why would someone claim for my own sh* . Damn this is so shady . I work soo hard but people tryna fight me everyday. I seem cool and stupid to some people but am a beast brah and you can’t kill me easily coz I got Gods favour in me .. am not even mad am just disappointed how people can be this mean in this game” Otile Brown wrote

Shirleen Winters

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