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Meet the lady with brain,glamour & style,Grace Sowairina Msalame aka Mama Twins.Msalame born 1986 is a media identity,content manager at Bamba TV and a Brand Ambassador at VIVO.

Grace Msalame started off as a TV presenter and has risen to be a polished news anchor. She first hit the screens when she was only 19 and has now curved a niche for herself in the ever competitive world of media.

Grace Msalame the first born in a family of two is the daughter of the late radio legend Tony Msalame who passed on in 2010.
At 19 years,she completed her high school at St Christopher’s, Grace went on to do Straight Up (an entertainment show airing on KTN) from 2005 to 2007.She later joined Daystar university to pursue her degree in communication and electronic media.

She was then called up to host one of the art shows at KTN known as Art Scene,after which she moved to Capital FM, where she worked as a radio presenter.

2010 became one devastating year for her and her family when her father,the legendary Tony Msalame passed on.This became too much for her that she quit her job and relocated to Mombasa to be with her family and help run the family business.

In 2011, Grace Msalame was blessed with twins,Raha and Zawadi who filled the void left by her dad. This helped her to move on & in 2011, December she decided to return to TV.

Grace Msalame is no longer in a relationship with the father of her girls, Paul Ndichu who is the twin brother to Eddie Ndichu- Janet Mbugua’s husband and who is the boss at Easy Taxi.

Later on she quit her job at Radio Africa Groups and went off air for 3yrs to handle content management at Bamba tv (a multi channel platform) while focusing more on her girls.

Grace Msalame has now launched her personal website (DO IT WITH GRACE),where she she intends to share her life journey to help inspire the world through her ups & downs.

Visit Grace Msalame’s website here.

The truth is there is more than enough love, creative ideas, power, joy, happiness to go around 😘 😘

Shirleen Winters

The truth is there is more than enough love, creative ideas, power, joy, happiness to go around 😘 😘

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