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This is one story of passion, a story of a talented soulful reggae dancehall artist who has been constantly ignored by the Kenyan media despite having made tremendous strides in the world of reggae & dancehall entertainment. Here is what you need to know about the dancehall sensation Cara Feral.

Cindy Abila better known as Cara Feral was born in Nairobi, the beautiful capital of Kenya where she grew up, went to school and has lived since her childhood. Here is where she realized her love for music.

Cara comes from a family with a musical background, where her grandfather was a band member of Kenya’s most popular sound ‘Zilizopendwa’. Cara started out singing solos in church while still a young girl and at home, her mother listened to soul music, Lingala and was also a big fan of Lionel Richie.

After joining school, Cara Feral continued doing what she loved most, singing. Her teachers noticed her interest in music and enrolled her at the school’s music club where she went on to represent her school at the Kenya National Music festival. On joining high school, Cara Feral led the school in reciting the national anthem during school assemblies as well as the school service choir on Sundays. She would also perform for her fellow students during entertainment on Saturdays and she had quite the fan club that would cheer her on.

This continued to build her confidence as an artist and performer. Cara finally did her first song ‘Street Love’ while still in high school. The song received heavy rotation on Kiss TV in Kenya and other media platforms in the country.

After completing high school, Cara Feral spent most of her time in different studios where she recorded a number of songs and continued
to nurture her voice. By this time she started listening to Reggae music which was and still is a popular genre in Kenya. From then artists like Alaine and Cecile became her instant favorites.

In pursuit of higher education Cara Feral took some time off studio to enroll for Strategic Public Relation in 2014 and doubled it up with vocal classes from Filah of Red Fourth Chorus.

In 2016 Cara Feral partnered with Majestic Trends, an Artist and Development Reggae Dancehall Entertainment Company based in Nairobi, Kenya which steer headed her music in Reggae & Dancehall and set her up to be one of the most promising female artists in East Africa.

Her first Dancehall song with Majestic Trends “Take it for Love” received massive support and made it to radio stations across the world. Cara Feral’s music made great progress after being the first Kenyan female artist to work with international hit maker Blaqk Sheep from Jamaica.

She also featured on Swahili Riddim which also included the likes of Busy Signal, RDX,Macka Diamond and Voicemail. The riddim was released in March 2016 and ‘Friend Zone’, which was her song on the riddim, still remains her fans’ favorite.

Her introduction to the international Reggae/Dancehall scene saw her as one of East Africa’s rising songstresses as she featured once again in another of Blaqk Sheep’s riddims called Grass Yard with her song ‘Kazi Ni Kazi’ which is on rotation to date on SunCity Radio in Jamaica since its release in October 2016.

Cara has continued to show promising work with other international producers who include Kenya’s ZJ Heno. Hakuna matata, her song on Destination Riddim received heavy airplay and earned her first ever international interview on In 2Beats 106.5fm Bedford in England.

Watch her latest music video here:

The truth is there is more than enough love, creative ideas, power, joy, happiness to go around 😘 😘

Shirleen Winters

The truth is there is more than enough love, creative ideas, power, joy, happiness to go around 😘 😘

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