Honourable Jaguar & His Rapcellency Prezzo Kiss & Makeup!

If you thought we were through with the handshake season,you thought wrong. Its seems to have just began on this side of town with Honorable Jaguar & CMB Prezzo finally burying the hatchet,ending the longest beef in the country’s entertainment history.

CMB Prezzo & Jaguar
CMB Prezzo & Jaguar

On a post on his official twitter page Jaguar said that him & Prezzo finally sat down together & decided to rise above there differences and work for the betterment of the entertainment industry.

“Met up with my colleague and brother CMB @AMB_Prezzo For long, we chose to walk on different paths despite chasing the same dream.
A lot was said over the years, but we have decided to rise above our differences and focus on the betterment of our entertainment industry.” ~ @RealJaguarKenya

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