How to become a celebrity

1.Act Porn
This goes to those people who don’t care about what people say otherwise bad publicity is far much better than no publicity at all.
Take the likes of Kim kardashian and Paris Hilton for instance.

kim kardashian

Did you know that Kim kardashian has made over an estimated net worth of 100,000,000 dollars on her sex tape with her ex Ray Jay.
Same applies to Paris Hilton and many more celebrities.

2.Get married to a celebrity.

This is one of the safest and fastest ways to be a celebrity because you do not have to humiliate yourself over it.

There are many perks to dating or getting married to a celebrity.
One good example is the wives and girlfriends of athletes have TV Shows.
You’ll always be on the red carpet with the only talent of dating a celebrity.

3.Sponsor A Rapper

We all know of birdman right? He is not famous because he can rap or anything. He signs rappers like lil Wayne and Young Thug on to Young money on an agreement of appearing on their videos and gets a share of the mulla they make.
To do this though, you gotta be rich boi.

4.Hang out with celebrities

The people who hang out with these celebrities are always appearing on their music videos & shows.

5.Do something which is out of ‘normal.’
BORN SURVIVOR is a show on Discovery Family TV channel which is hosted by a guy called Bear Grylls

Bear eats just about anything teaching us survival in different parts of the world.That guy does things which you can’t imagine a normal human being do and that’s the reason as to why people like his show.
It all comes down to WHEN A DOG BITES A MAN, THAT’S NOT NEWS.
We are aware dogs bite men but WHEN A MAN BITES A DOG THEN what follows is what we call Viral video.

-Being a celebrity is one thing and maintaining the status is another.

-Out of sight out of mind.
-So your face must always be on the TV or we forget about you.
FYI this is for information purposes only,I should not be held accountable for your gross misconduct.

The truth is there is more than enough love, creative ideas, power, joy, happiness to go around 😘 😘

Shirleen Winters

The truth is there is more than enough love, creative ideas, power, joy, happiness to go around 😘 😘

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