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Today on Celeb stories we have Nahna, a musician born in Kisumu, Kenya in 1995 as Elizabeth Adhiambo Ouko.
Nahna is a name she got from her mum’s sister during her childhood. Nahna has always been a natural, she started listening to music & getting inspiration from various musicians like Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Olith Ratego and Makadem at a very young age.

She started off writing her songs with her cousin Sheila Mbona Mugaya. Her singing passion was so intense but school work and restriction from her folks hindered her from exploiting her talent.
After completing her primary school, Nahna got a chance at Urban Studio, where she met Dave Ngiri better known as K.4 who gave her a chance to try out her vocals. K4 was really impressed by what she did but sadly she still had to complete her high school education to do music.

In 2010 Nahna did her first song “Never let you go” which was a collaboration which featured artist like Master Carl and Drexy produced by Billy of Shining Records.In the same year she also did her solo track ‘Nisamehe’ which is swahili for ‘Forgive Me’.

Early 2011, Nahna auditioned for the Safaricom Kenya Live Music Concert Kisumu, where she emerged the best among her fellow competitors and was chosen to represent Kisumu. This being her first time on stage, Nahna performed live alongside the Juma Tutu Band.
‘It requires hard work and patience.
‘ ~ Nahna
This elevated her to performing alongside top artists in Kenya such as Redsan, Wahu, Nameless, Wyre, Osogo Winyo, Juakali and not forgetting Nebulazz, Zealous, Jay Too and Miguel from Kisumu and Tiera Gee and Rude Boys from the Coast.

In 2012 Nahna went on with her great ambitions keeping in mind she could do better, this is when she produced ‘Wanna Tok Tok’ which led her to emerging the Best Female artist during the 2012 Vybez Awards.

In October 2012,she performed during the 2nd edition of Safaricom Kenya Live in Kisumu, this time she did the Campus tour and also got to perform during the Cliton Fearon concert in Kisumu alongside international reggae artists.

From there she worked closely with an organization known as One Vibe Africa, which its main aim is to nurture and mentor young talent. She also worked closely the kids and helped the train their vocals and play instruments like Orutu and Gara.

In 2013, she changed her fusion of music to Afro Fusion and did her track ‘Hera Mudho’ with Grandpa Records. During the same year she also worn the best female artist during the second edition of the Western Nyanza musical awards Vybez Awards.

She later took up playing the traditional instrument known as the ‘Orutu’ also known as the one string guitar, which has today become part of her music together with the Gara which is worn around the leg during dancing.

In 2014, She worked with various artists within Kisumu and Nairobi to do different types of songs. Nahna has worked with Kisumu’s top female rapper Needah on the track ‘Ktown’ which was a song to praise the talent around the region. In the same year she worked with Nebulazz on a peace song called ‘Amani’ aimed at bringing the Kenyan communities together and also to preach peace within the nations.

She later on worked with Olith Ratego one of the best afro fusion artist in Kenya on a track known as ‘Adhiambo’ done by Ketebul records.Working and always doing practice with her Orutu instrument, she went for the Ethno Sweden Festival audition at the Sarakasi Dome in Nairobi for the auditions where she was chosen to be among those who would represent Kenya at the festival in Sweden, where she and two other ladies formed a girl group called ‘Nyota Tatu’ meaning the three stars and have worked together since then.

After embarking from the trip she got a chance to work with one of the top producer in East Africa Bwana Ulopa Ngoma of Ulopa Records where she did her track ‘Paro’. Also in the same year she recorded a track ‘Neko’ featuring Asen B under Kisumu producer Jamal Malik of Starbel Studios.

During the 2015 Western Nyanza Vybez Awards, Nahna won the award for best female artist of the year as well as the first female to be crowned the artist of the year within the western region if Kenya.

Check out Nahna’s videos here:

The truth is there is more than enough love, creative ideas, power, joy, happiness to go around 😘 😘

Shirleen Winters

The truth is there is more than enough love, creative ideas, power, joy, happiness to go around 😘 😘

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