Sabato releases a new song and talks about his music life

Sabato is also a Kenyan based producer and artist who has worked with the likes of Juacali and Pitson and produced all the tracks. He has his own studio where he does production called Mama entertainment.

Sabato does zuk and chakacha type of songs
On an interview with Muziki Kenya he states that his motivation behind doing music is that it helps him escape all the negative energy that comes with life and gives him the strength to move on with life.

He continues to say, “Music is not an option for me because without it my soul will not be in peace. I have so many upcoming projects working with different type of artists that are soon to be released. I intend to break bridges are reach out represent my country beyond kenya, beyond Africa”

Check out and Listen to Nakuona Sana by Sabato the new love song based on a true story.

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