The people behind the wealthiest party spots in Kenya!

Have you ever thought of who owns the biggest entertainment establishments in the country? Now here are the top 3 most wealthiest club owners in Kenya.

Club: KIZA

15years is an enviable years of marriage at this day and age, but this couple Judy Gitau (Kenyan) and Ali Oumarou (Niger), have not only made their marriage work but also their booming business. Judy was working as a Recruit and Training Manager at Emirates before she joined Ali in his dream of owning a place that would “unite Africans through taste, sound and sight” dream. While his friend opened KIZA Dubai, he ventured into Kenya.

According to True Love magazine, Judy handles the organization, day-to-day running and finances whereas Ali has the talent of closing businesses. They both use their strengths to support KIZA, and so far, they are doing a great job!

The two have two children: daughter Alisha and son Gitau.

Club: Brew Bistro

Meet Aleem Ladak(Canadian), the owner of Brew Bistro. Brew’s first opened its doors in 2009, on Ngong Rd, seven years later; they now have another branch opened on Woodvale Groove (Westlands). According to Daily Africa, Brew is “the quintessential upper-middle class haunts for the-freshly-brewed-beer thirsty and the hungry for uppity cuisine or where – as they at Brew Bistro say- “the primal instincts come out to play.”

His wife Soraiya- who handles the marketing of Brew actually gave up her UNEP job to join her husband in his brewery dream. The husband, Aleem actually did a postgraduate in Brewing and Distilling at the VLB Brewing and Malting Institute in Berlin, Germany, he is a master brewer.

The couple has two sons: Kahil and Mikhail.

Club: B-Club

The power couple, Samia Barry (Belgium) and Barry Ndegeye(Rwanda) is not your average couple, in fact, they are not even the average Kenyan car owners. The couple’s lives revolve around luxury, fashion, style and entertainment. Their yard include a Rolls Royce, Maserati, Lamborghini, Hummer, Ferrari, Mercedes, Range Rover and a futuristic Tron bike just to mention a few.

Met in 2006, Barry and his wife Samia not only have B-Club in Kenya but also Billion Club in Belgium that has a capacity of 3,000 people, Afrodiziac Club (also in Belgium) that accommodates 1,000 people, B-CLUB, Kigali and B-CLUB DRC among others.

Parents to two sons: Barack and Basam, Samia is the manager of the exclusive club. She was a Wealth Creation Manager before


The truth is there is more than enough love, creative ideas, power, joy, happiness to go around 😘 😘

Shirleen Winters

The truth is there is more than enough love, creative ideas, power, joy, happiness to go around 😘 😘

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